The Projects

Specialist Children's Hospital at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

SCCWID's latest project was to fund part of the teenage area in a brand new 'state of the art' Children's Hospital which was opened in the grounds of the John Radcliffe Hospital in January 2007. We raised £¼million over five years, a challenging prospect for such a small fund raiser! BUT, WE MANAGED TO PASS THE TARGET IN NOVEMBER 2006.

The hospital needs of children are quite different to those of adults and, in addition, there is a need to provide special facilities for families as well - to stay overnight and to help with the nursing of their children. Getting it wrong with children's care can result in traumatic experiences which may slow down recovery, affect their emotional and social development and may even have long term effects into adulthood.

Previously, the Childrens' Units within Oxfordshire were on four different sites and this required children to travel between the sites, sometimes even during the course of a single period in hospital. This process was unsettling and could be distressing. The new Children's Hospital brings everything under one roof, for the benefit both of the children and their families.

This development not only benefits those who live in Oxfordshire. The various Children's Units in Oxford provide general paediatric care to the local Oxfordshire population and more specialised care to a much wider population covering Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire, Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. For some specialised services, children come from every further afield. In addition Oxford is renowned for its neurology and neurosurgery departments and is one of a few sites throughout the UK that performs epilepsy surgery.

The new Hospital is a huge step forward and provides the children and teenagers of Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties with access to a state-of-the-art hospital which will be one of the best children's hospitals in the UK.

Now that we have reached the target, there is still much to be done, in terms of improving the facilities further, providing stimulating activities for those in the ward for a long period, and making sure that all the equipment is working and in good repair. So, the project continues.

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