SCCWID raises money through organised events, individual donations and the sale of SCCWID's diverse range of clothing.

A key part of the process is the SCCWID Agent, who sells our range in their school or university, and provides a steady stream of orders each term. Usually, we have a single Agent, but we can have more, providing that any other Agent at the school/university is in agreement. Alternatively, you could take over from a current Agent when he or she "retires".

All our Agents are volunteers and all are assisted in their fund raising by Selina and the SCCWID team. We have an Agents Section in this website which gives detailed advice on how to be a successful Agent. Once you are appointed as an Agent, you will have access to this section of the website.

The key is that the Agent should really want to do it. Those that have been Agents in the past have found that it is hard work; but have felt a sense of achievement and have learnt some basic business and life skills in the process. Part of the efforts made in selling the range could include events such as a fashion show, which several schools and Universities have organised. Again, advice can be found in the Agents Section.

For those doing The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, working on behalf of SCCWID has proved to be helpful in covering part of the required syllabus. A reference can be written for successful Agents.

However, the key point in all this is that you should really want to be an Agent yourself, and make a personal commitment.

If you have decided that you do want to be an Agent, give Selina a call on 01451 810872


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