Thank you for volunteering to be the SCCWID agent at your School.

Below are a few points which you may find useful.


The first thing you should do is to see your Bursar and find out if he/she will agree to take and bank all cash and cheques received by you. At the end of term he/she can send Selina a big cheque made out to SCCWID. This is the normal procedure in Schools, and makes sure that you do not have to hold money/cheques yourself.


You can order via email, from

Form. A basic form is enclosed for the basic items. It will calculate costs based on quantities ordered. If you think it is useful, please let us know. If there are amendments that you suggest, please let us know as well.

Items. Don't forget to specify the following on the order: Type of garment; colour; size and quantity.

Ends of term. Be careful not to order too close to the end of each term, if you want to receive the delivery before the end of term. If individuals expect their delivery before the end of term, they may be disappointed, although we will try as hard as possible to fulfil orders in time for the end of term. If in doubt, speak to Selina before placing the order.

Delivery Charges. As the order is coming from you, as a SCCWID agent, there will be no charge for delivery (providing that your order is worth £625 or over). Individuals will simply be charged the retail price for the item. If they order themselves, direct, they will be charged £2.00 an item for any purchases.


Delivery will be by a courier. The order will be delivered in boxes which will be addressed to you personally. You need to make sure that whoever will receive the delivery knows that it will be coming.

On receipt, please confirm to Selina both that the order has arrived and that the contents are correct.

Remember that it may take up to 10 days to receive your order. If anything is not in stock, you will be told. Missing items will take up to 10 days to replace; Selina will let you know the position when she despatches your order.


You should ensure that your delivery can be kept securely, under lock and key, until you have distributed the order to each individual. You don't want to lose any items.


Make sure that you collect the money from each individual BEFORE you give them the item.


We will publish a Section about how to do this, in due course.


The web site offers as much up to date information as possible.

The brochure provides some information, but will be out of date in some areas.

If you let us have your e mail address, we can forward a monthly update to you by email.


Order Form

Click to download the SCCWID ORDER FORM as an excel spreadsheet.
This will calculate totals itself.

Click to download the SCCWID ORDER FORM in .pdf format

Price List

Click to download the SCCWID WEAR PRICE LIST in .pdf format


Sccwid Logo

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