Limited Edition Clothing

Photography by Alice Watson

This is just an idea of what we have in our ever changing collection. Everything is a ONE OFF. They are not available through mail order, please call Selina on 01451 810872 to make an appointment, or meet Selina at one of the Sales she is at over the Autumn, each year.

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Silk Velvet Riding CoatsSilk Velvet Riding CoatsSilk Velvet Riding CoatsThe Lining Silk Velvet Riding CoatsRed Silk Velvet Riding CoatSilk Velvet Riding Coats
Silk Velvet, Lined Riding Coats £100.00           Leggings £15.00
Magic DressSummer Riding CoatSummer Riding CoatSummer Riding CoatSilk Velvet Riding Coat
Magic Dress £65.00      Summer Riding Coat £65.00          
Silk Velvet, Lined Riding Coat £100.00           Leggings £15.00
Red Star Dungaree DressRed Star Dress and Cord Riding CoatCord Riding CoatMatador Jacket, Black Carisole and Genie Pants
Black and White Stripe Wrap Top Discon; Red Star Dungaree Dress Discon; Cord Riding Coat £85.00
Leggings £15.00; Silk Velvet Matador Jacket Discon; Black Camisole £16.00; Genie Pants £36.00
Cotton Velvet Matador Jacket, Red Spotty DressSilk Velvet Matador Jacket and Triple Layer Silk Chiffon Wrap SkirtSilk Velvet Matador Jacket and Butterfly Dress
Cotton Velvet Matador Jacket Discon     Red Spotty Dress Discon     Silk Velvet Matador Jacket Discon
Triple Layer Silk Chiffon Wrap Skirt £65.00      Butterfly Dress Discon
Antique Silk Kurta Antique Silk Kurta £100.00
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