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"Hi, my name is Sophie Watson. Last year I was about to embark on a second intensive course of chemotherapy as well as several major operations, when I had the idea of starting up a charity to raise money to provide entertainment for children of all ages in the John Radcliffe Hospital, where I was being treated. I wanted children to be able to have special treats and to improve the quality of their lives while in hospital, so for a while their worries could be forgotten. My aim was to provide anything the children asked for and to make the Ward more cosy, fun and brighter.

SCCWID so far, with help from my friends, has raised over 90,000. To start the ball rolling I did a sponsored head shave, which sparked off a lot of media interest and the money just poured in. Many friends have got their schools involved in raising money. For instance, dances, plays, sales, concerts and selling our SCCWID merchandise!

SCCWID has practically re-equipped Ward 4B with everything they could wish for, and other wards are benefiting too. Our next aim is to re-vamp the Playroom for Ward 4B. We want to make it cosier, jollier, more friendly and generally more enticing - however, this is going to be quite an undertaking - so keep up the good work!"

Sophie Watson, 1997

Sophie Watson

Sophie Watson set up SCCWID in 1997, aged 14, when she was about to embark on several major operations and many courses of chemotherapy.

During the time she was being treated in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Sophie felt that the facilities in the Children's Ward needed to be improved both to make the Ward a more cheerful and less traumatic environment and to provide the children and teenagers, often in the ward for prolonged periods, with interesting things to do.

Sophie wrote to many people telling them of her idea. She also designed a range of groovy teenage clothes which have gained cult status nationwide with many, many friends selling SCCWID-wear at schools and at sales. Sophie's fund-raising campaign worked and money poured in.

Her first purchase for the Ward was an ice-machine so that the children could take pills with ice cold, rather than warm, water. She continued to re-equip the Ward with new televisions, video machines, laptop computers, bright new duvet covers, new cutlery, plates, kettles, art and craft materials, games, Playstations etc etc. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and The Duchess of York heard of the campaign and also sent contributions to the fund.

Sophie died in January 2000, by which time she had personally raised over £150,000. Her grand plan was to totally revamp the playroom on Ward 4B. Sophie had designed the new playroom in great detail, with both young children and teenagers in mind. Her family completed this major project, after Sophie died.

Selina, Sophie's mother, along with her sister and brother, Alice and Harry, carry on the fund raising, with the support of so many friends. The total raised until 2002 was over £250,000. Of course most of this sum has been spent on Ward 4B, which needs our constant support, so fundraising continues.

SCCWID's next project was to completely equip the teenage unit and other teenage areas in the brand new 'state of the art' Children's Hospital which has been completed in the grounds of the John Radcliffe Hospital and which opens for business in Januaey 2007. The great news is that a further £250,000 has been raised to fully equip the teenage sward in this new Hospital.

But there is always morre to be done.

SCCWID is indebted to the many children, teenagers (and grown ups!) who tirelessly fund raise and market SCCWID-wear. We could not possibly do all of this without you!


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