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SCCWID was set up in 1997, by Sophie Watson, aged 14, who was being treated for cancer in the John Radcliffe Hospital, in Oxford. Sophie died in January 2000.

Sophie started SCCWID to try to create a more comfortable and interesting environment for children, and in particular teenagers, who are being treated in hospital for lengthy periods - the "Interesting things to Do".

Teenagers and children with cancer can spend long and traumatic periods in hospital: undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery. So, Sophie started to help the John Radcliffe, and the children with cancer there, by raising funds to buy individual items which would improve young patients quality of life, while undergoing treatment. The first step was the purchase of computers, computer games, televisions, microwaves and an ice machine, as well as brightly coloured duvet covers, pictures for the walls, beds for parents, etc. The next step was to rebuild the Playroom in Ward 4B - the children's cancer ward in The John Radcliffe.

Soon after Sophie died, the formal announcement was made that a new purpose-built children's hospital would be constructed in the grounds of the John Radcliffe, to open in January 2007. The charity co-ordinators at the John Radcliffe asked that SCCWID's efforts be directed towards raising funds for the "quality of life" elements in the teenage unit and other areas of this new hospital. As part of this, funds raised will be used for facilities for parents to stay with their children in hospital, which is vital for the wellbeing of the children.

SCCWID's efforts have been focused on this project for the last four years and, by dint of very hard work, and the help of many friends the target of £250,000 was reached in December 2006 - just in time for the opening in January 2007. We have now had the first full year of the Children's Hospital, celebrated in Mid-January 2008, and all the hard work of the SCCWID fundraisers is there to be seen, in the Teenage Unit.

There is always more to be done, and now that the Children's Hospital opened for business in January 07, there are already a large number of requests for additional support and equipment, which SCCWID will fulfil - with all your help.

Anything that you can do to help, individually or as a group, would be very welcome.

For instance, you may want to make a donation, to run a fund raising event yourself (such as: a fashion show, a party, a sponsored walk or bike ride, a parachute jump, a walk to the North Pole or even a marathon through the Amazonian Jungle - all of which have been achieved for SCCWID), or to help by selling SCCWID clothing as an Agent in your school or university. If nothing else, click here to view and buy some SCCWID clothing.

Please do get in touch if you would like to help or if you have a good idea of your own.


You can discover more about SCCWID by clicking here to take you to the ABOUT section.


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